Neutral Handle Pulley


Patent Pending

  • NEUTRAL HANDLE – Keeping the hand in the “thumbs up” or neutral position allows for the shoulder to be kept in its most natural alignment. This helps the arm to move through the exercises allowing injured shoulders to move in a pain free way.
  • CUSTOM PULLEY – Made with a zinc-coated housing to resist deformation over time. Cleated handles allow easy adjustability of the 85-inch cord to ensure comfort and easy use. Included metal bracket over door hanger makes it easy to attach the pulley system over the top of any door. Fits most 2-inch doors and is designed not to cause damage.
  • GREAT RECOVERY TOOL – Ideal for preventing or recovering from surgery and for improving pain free mobility. Helps enhance the range of motion for patients suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis, and other impingement issues.

All Neutral Handle Pulley’s come with a metal bracket style door attachment.


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